Corporate Pilot Medical Services

We provide cost effective aeromedical services to corporate flight departments and individual corporate pilots. While many airline pilots have access to national entities for aeromedical issues as part of there negotiated contracts, when a corporate pilot develops a significant medical issue the same service provided by these national providers of aeromedical services quickly adds up to thousands of dollars. At OhioAME prior to submitting any documentation to the FAA it is thoroughly review for completeness to determine what if any additional testing is required, I then personally preform your medical examination; directly discuss your case with FAA flight surgeons; and speak with you directly with unprecedented communication and availability. We get pilots back to the cockpit as fast as possible minimizing their down time and decreasing the cost for contract pilots and/or stretching your flight department to thin.  Give us a call to inquire about a comprehensive aeromedical program customized for your flight department.
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