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Medical records review service: often times following a major injury, illness, or surgery, the FAA Aeromedical Certification Division will request a copy of your hospital records. This is always the case following major vascular procedures, cancer related surgeries, coronary artery bypass grafting, or hospitalization resulting from a concussion. Perhaps you have had a previous denial of you r medical certificate. If so, I can obtain your medical records from the FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute Libraian of Medical Records and re-review your file and determine if reapplication is a reaonable option.

Unfortunately, often times the medical records may indicate that you may have been diagnosed with unrelated problems such as chronic headaches, COPD, Metabolic syndrome or pre diabetics, and other maladies. This occurs primarily because hospitals are paid primarily by number of diagnosis they can find and there is a tendency to list as many as possible.

A few examples that I have seen: physician accidently orders diabetic diet for patient, resulting in the FAA now wants a status report from doctor regarding the patient’s diabetes; a patient has chest x-ray that suggests emphysema, resulting in the FAA wants a pulmonary evaluation; on admission patient is asked do you get many headaches and patient replies sometimes and chronic headaches is now listed as a diagnosis on the medical record, FAA now requests a neurology evaluation.

Without a careful review of the records prior to submission for FAA review you maybe asked to provide additional information for problems you may or may not actually have. When these types of letters arrive the airman often times has no idea that there were “add-on” diagnoses during the hospital stay.

The FAA will go through you medical records word by word and request information regarding all applicable diagnosis. A careful review of your medical records and a pre-emptive letter from your primary care physician and if needed some laboratory studies can refute any incorrect diagnosis contained within your medical records. Thus, saving you, the airman the frustration of getting unnecessary testing at the request of the FAA, and facilitate the processing of your medical certificate.

Generally, a review of a complex hospitalization will result in several problems that will require further explanation. As I have received many requests to review medical records over the years from airman outside the State of Ohio so we are now adding this as a service to airman. This service entails a complete page by page, word by word, review of your medical records; a letter detailing all diagnosis contained within; and a recommendations for how these issues should be handled  and addressed in any FAA correspondence with recommendations for any additional evaluations that maybe required.

Fees for this service is based on the volume of records that need to be reviewed.  If you have had a serious illness requiring hospitalization  please call our office to discuss or send me an email with your contact information.

Medical records can be mailed to:


Ray Steinhauser MD / OhioAME  
1070 Township RD #713
Ashland, Ohio 44805

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