Getting Started

The FAA medical application is now a paperless document. Please go to to complete your medical application. If you have not previously registered for an account you will need to do so. If you encounter problems the FAA MedXpress help desk is available 24/7 at 877-287-6731. Please not that during the registration process you will be emailed a temporary password. This may take up to two hours to receive, therefore this process must be completed prior to your appointment.
Upon completion the application, also known as FAA Form 8500-7, is submitted by the applicant and a confirmation number is provided. The confirmation number is very important and the doctor need this number to access you medical application. Please remember to bring the confirmation number to the office.
Once you have the confirmation number click here to schedule an first, second, or third class medical online or call the office at 419-908-5389.
Please be aware that once the electronic medical application is submitted it can not be changed. You are able to save the form and return to it at a later date. So if you have any questions please give our office a call prior to submitting your application.
If you have had any significant change in your medical condition, new medications, new diagnoses,  major surgery, a previously unreported DUI or alcohol related offense additional clinical information may be required and I would recommend calling the office prior to completing the electronic application.
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