Misplaced Medical Certificate

  1. The pilot can go to http://www.faa.gov and select "Licenses and Certificates" and then select "Airman Online Services".
  2. If the airman does not have an account, "Request an Account" takes less than a minute or so to get a password by email.
  3. Once an account is established, airman can request 60 day temporary authorization to exercise privileges or can request verification of privileges.  This is "FREE". (Note: there is currently a section that appears to verify your identity by asking for a "photo ID".  At this time you can put just about anything in this field to complete this section of the web page.  Soon, photo IDs will be required.)
  4. Print out the temporary certificate.  Also, complete the application for a replacement (by mail) but airman are restricted to three temporary authorization requests per year.

    Unfortunately this process is not available for student pilot certificates or those airman having a medical special issuance. If you are in this category call the FAA Aeromedical Certification Division (AMCD) at 405.954.4821.
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