FAA Aviation Medical Examinations

Please note  ** Summer Schedule: During the summer months the office will be closed from June 17 through July 7th and from July 20 through July 28 th. ** The office will have extended hours during the days it will be open in July


Senior Aviation Medical Examiner - Serving professional Pilots across Ohio

Located on the field at Ashland County airport (3G4) and Lorain Co. Airport (KLPR) our goal is to support the aviation medical needs of professional pilots in a relaxed office setting and make the medical certification process as painless as possible. We work with the FAA Great Lakes Regional Flight Surgeons Office and the FAA Aviation Medical Certification Division when necessary to reduce delays involving complex aeromedical issues, provided those issues do not impact aviation safety concerns. While our special interest is providing convenient appointment scheduling to and advising professional pilots regarding aviation related healthcare issues we provide the same service to general aviation pilot as well as the schedule permits. If you are a not a professional pilot please call the office to schedule to check availability.

The Staff

Ray Steinhauser MD


  • Senior AME
  • Provides first class medicals
  • Contracted with the FAA to perform ATC medical certification
  • Commercial pilot and aircraft owner
  • Former USAF Flight Surgeon
  • Personally performs all aspects of your exam including blood pressure, color vision screening, visual acuity, and audiometric testing when required 
  • Farnsworth Lantern testing and Dvorine Pseudoisochromatic Color Plate testing available on site, which are FAA color vision tests found in very few AME offices but provide the highest likelihood of success pilots that have difficulty with the standard Ishihara Plates most AMEs use for color vision screening
  • Member of the Civil Aviation Medical Association, AOPA, and previous contributor to the Journal of Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine


  • Susan Steinhauser RN
Ray Steinhauser MD
  • Private Pilot
  • Aircraft Owner
  • Initial point of contact when scheduling your exam and deals only with pilot medical issues.
  • Familiar with FAA medical certification requirements
  • Online appointment scheduling available
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