September 25, 2014

Due to a recent policy change by the FAA Aeromedical Certification Division verbal authorization for the initial special issuance for cetain conditions including but not limited to coronary artery disease, heart valve replacement, pacemaker insertion, and diabetes controlled with insulin can be no longer obtained. What this means is that the AME can no longer get the "OK" to issue a medical certificate simply by discussing the case with an FAA flight surgeon and then forwarding the medical records. Effective immediately, for the above noted conditions, the AME must complete the medical exam and forward all medical records to the FAA. Once the records are reviewed, and are found to be satisfactory, the FAA will forward the airman his medical certificate and the requirements for the maintenance of their special issuance. 

First and second class airman with cardiac issues will continue to have their cases reviews by a speical FAA cardiac panel. First and second class airman continue to be eligible for a special issuance with diabetes that does not require the use of insulin. The use of insulin continues to be disqualifying for first and second class medical certification.

Unfortunately, for third class airman with uncomplicated cardiac disease this change will make obtaining a medical certificate a more lengthly process.

Dr. Steinhauser

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