• Flight Simulator

    Flight Simulator

    The DCX MAX is a fully enclosed FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device that can be configured with flight profiles for many popular general aviation single and multiengine aircraft.

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  • Unlimited Training Senarios

    Unlimited Training Senarios

    Practice any approach into any airport with whatever ceiling and visibility you choose. Planning a trip? Fly the approaches a few times before you go! Need to brush up on partial panel skills or practice simulated emergencies? This is the training tool

  • Garmin 530W - Get the most from your 530!

    Garmin 530W - Get the most from your 530!

    Have a G530W? New to WAAS approaches or just want to practice a bit? The Sim features a fully functioning 530W device with an up-to-date database. From loading a flight plan - to flying a WAAS approach - to the missed approach sequence

  • Simulator Cockpit View

    Simulator Cockpit View

    Spectacular 225 degree wrap-around graphics enhance the realistic training environment.

  • Advanced Flight Director/ Autopilot Training

    Advanced Flight Director/ Autopilot Training

    The Sim features the popular KFC 150 with integrated flight director with the optional KAS altitude and vertical speed selector and can provide an introduction to the use of a flight director or advanced training in the operation of the KFC 150

  • FAA Approved

    FAA Approved

    Save on training. Approved for up to 20 hours for the instrument rating . Also approved to meet instrument currency requirements under FAR 61.75

Flight Simulator

The Precision Flight Instrument DCX MAX is a fully enclosed FAA Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that can simulate a host of systems failures and a multitude of weather conditions. By being prepared for these situations, you’ll be more confident in your abilities in the air should you ever encounter a true emergency. The system is also compatible with ForeFlight, allowing you to monitor your flight path on your iPad just as you do in the actual conditions. The ability to “freeze” the flight at any point to discuss key points, review the use of the 530W, or autopilot coupling of the approach provides for a superior learning platform. Schedule on line or give us a call. Have a CFI you like to work with? We can can familiarize him with the operation of the simulator.